Extend Bar Yogurt & Berry Bar

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Extend Bars Yogurt & Berry ExtendBar Yogurt & Berry

Moist and chewy and packed with real chunks of peanut, this sugar-free, low carb, high protein and fiber bar fits perfectly into the Transitions Program. It’s even gluten-free! Helps Control Blood Sugar For Up to 9 Hours *Control Hunger *Avoid Blood Sugar Lows and Highs *Count on Energy that Lasts *Naturally and Artificially Flavored *Kosher What makes ExtendBar such a great snack? ExtendBar was designed to do one thing particularly well – help stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours! its patented formula converts gradually to blood sugar over 7-9 hours – instead of all at once like so many other snacks – to help even out blood sugar swings.

ExtendBar is clinically proven to help you: * Control hunger by suppressing appetite * Avoid low blood sugar, even overnight * Reduce blood sugar swings * Sustain energy during exercise and recovery.

ExtendBars were developed by world-renowned endocrinologist Francine Kaufman, M.D., past president of the American Diabetes Association and author of the groundbreaking book Diabesity. An ideal snack between meals and before exercise or bed. * Sugar-Free * Gluten-free * High in protein and fiber * Low-fat * 0 g trans fat * Low glycemic index & load

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