Accu-chek Aviva Control solution Level 2

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Accu-chek Aviva Control solution Level 2

Offers an affordable way to check your glucose meter’s accuracy. Easy to Use, Simply place a drop of the control solution at the end of your test strip. The meter will beep and display your test results. Control solutions are recommended for teaching or learning how to properly test with the meter.

Please Note: Control Solution range written on strip vial.

• Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor

Package Contents: You will receive
• 1 bottle of Level 2 Aviva Control Solution

Product Details:
• Expiration Date: 6+ months from Purchase Date
• Dimensions: 2.5 mL
• Brand: Aviva
• UPC: 365702107106
• NDC: 65702-0107-10

Manufacturer Contact Information:
• Manufacturer: Accu-Chek
• Phone Number: 1-800-858-8072
• Email:

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