Free GMate Voice Meter w/ 200 test strips

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Free GMate Voice Meter w/ 200 test strips

Gmate Blood Glucose test Strips provides an easier way for Diabetics to understand the results of their tests especially those diabetics With vision problems. Using Real Voice Technology, Cìmate® VOICE delivers a voice reading of their blood glucose testing results in addition to viewing their results on the largest in-class digital display screen. Specifications: Test Method: Electrochemical ,Sample Size: .5uL , Test Time: 5 Seconds,Result Range: 11-599 mg/dl (0.6-33.3 mmol/I) . Hematocrit Range: 20-60% ,AST (Alternative Site Testing)

Compatible: Gmate Blood Glucose Test Strips are compatible with Gmate Voice Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Package Contains: you will receive Free-Gmate Voice Blood Glucose Meter 4 boxes of Gmate Blood Glucose 50ct Test Strips = 200ct.

Expiration: 9 to 12 months from the date of Purchase

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